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The best way to find out if coaching is for you is to try it.

Let’s begin by talking on the phone first (610) 660-0218, or send me an e-mail at [email protected]. We will select a time slot that we can use to get to know each other. We will spend up to 45 minutes on the telephone. The purpose of this telephone call is to discuss your needs and give you a chance to find out more about my approach to coaching. If we agree to go forward, we will set-up a telephone Practice Diagnostic. We will then be able to begin scheduling bi-monthly coaching sessions.   

Most coaching programs require a minimum of 3- month commitment, with 2 to 4 regularly scheduled coaching sessions during each month.

Practice Diagnostic

There is an initial charge of $250.00 to conduct a confidential assessment in an attempt to determine your preferred working style and behavior. I will email you a set of questions that you can fill-out at your leisure. After you return the assessment to me, we will set-up a 45-minute telephone conference to discuss the results of the assessment. The initial charge for conducting this assessment will be waived if you decide to go forward with coaching.

One-on-One Coaching

A monthly fee will be determined based on the client’s coaching needs, and my current availability. I limit the number of lawyers I work with at any given time, so I may not be available at all times. A coaching relationship is generally a minimum of three-months. Relationships rarely exceed 6-months, so openings come available throughout the year. The most popular format for coaching includes two to four 45-minute telephone sessions per month. E-mail conversations and unscheduled telephone support is included on an as needed basis.

Fees are paid monthly in advance. Although no long-term commitment is required, you should plan on at least three months and possibly more depending on your goals. Monthly charges range from a minimum of $1,000.00 per month to $1,800.00 per month. All coaching services are 100% guaranteed.

Aging in Place – Sole Practitioners

I have a special commitment to help senior lawyers as they prepare for retirement. One-on-One coaching focusing on helping senior lawyers gain renewed purpose in their lives. This form of coaching needs to involve firm leadership, because the enterprise needs to be involved in developing something new, something different, perhaps something novel, and certainly something of interest that will benefit current and future seniors.
Special fees are available for sole practitioners.

Consulting Services

Fees for on-site consulting services are based on rates of $2,000 per day plus travel and lodgings, plus $500 for each additional day required for travel. Initial meetings with managing partners and planning teams will be billed on an hourly basis of $250.00 per hour, plus travel and lodgings.

Click here to learn more about our Consulting Service.

Firm Retreats

Fees for two-day law firm retreat are based on a standard flat rate of $4,500 plus travel and lodging. This flat rate includes one day for an on-site visit in preparation for the retreat. If additional days are needed for advance work, these days will be charged at $1,000 for each day. Further consideration is given to non-profit groups and law firms of ten and fewer attorneys.

Coaching relationships frequently result from successful law firm retreat. Monthly charges will be determined based on the number of lawyers involved in coaching.

Seminars - Leadership Skills Training

Fees are based on the nature of the assignment and the time required, usually on-site work is charged at $250 per hour, or a daily on-site rate of $2,000 per day plus travel and lodgings. Program development over the web or from my workplace is charged at a daily rate of $2,000 per day or $400 per hour. When I learn more about the details of your project I would be better able to quote you a fee.

Click here to learn more about our Leadership Skills Training.

Professional Development Plans

I will coach Professional Development partners in developing a plan that will serve the firm as your Leadership Development Roadmap. The plan will provide the firm with a career development model to help all partners and associates set personal and firm goals. Career development plans are based on personal interviews of shareholders. These half-hour interviews are based on a daily rate of $2,000 per day or $250 per hour.

Leadership Development Roadmaps are frequently priced on a monthly fee that includes interviews, meetings and follow-up telephone calls over a six-month period of time. A Professional Development Committee usually sets timeline and goals for engagement. 

Fixed Fee per Month

Monthly fees are preferred over hourly billing in all instances.


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