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"Performance for Pay" - David Maister Interview

"Legal services are no longer being designed, priced and offered to the public based on what the profession deems suitable or appropriate. "Quality" or "value" in the mind of your customer or client is different sometimes radically so from the way that you perceived “quality” or “value” with respect to the same product or service. Demand for legal services are now based on what the consumer of legal services wants and is willing to pay. In these times when most companies are experimenting with new procedures, inventing and testing new technologies to satisfy customer demands, to enter new markets, and to gain an advantage over competition, law firms are being forced to avoid the mistakes of looking for the seeds of tomorrow in yesterday's fields. We must put aside “ Old World ” thinking and compete according to totally new rules in order to deliver a broader range of services."

Stephen P. Gallagher

"What is Happening to Your World"

New York State Bar News, July 2001

Competency-based Performance Standards

The key to law firm survival in the twenty-first century will continue to be based on how firms "leverage" their activities to create value for the client. The legal marketplace worldwide is entering an era in which some of the top service providers will be rewarded handsomely, while others will be severely penalized. 

The command-and-control corporate model will not carry us into the twenty-first century. In a world of increasing interdependence and rapid change, it is no longer possible to figure it out from the top. Increasingly, successful organizations are building competitive advantage through less controlling and more learning - that is, through continually creating and sharing new knowledge.

Peter M. Senge, Professor

in organizational learning

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Creating New Competitive Space for the Legal Profession

LeadershipCoach.us prides itself on building small leadership communities within the legal profession, who will have profound impact on the future of law firm leadership. The identification and acquisition of leadership skills needed to manage these increasingly diverse teams will continue to challenge the profession, as we seek to find innovative ways to grow a business in this ever changing legal and business environments.

Stephen P. Gallagher

Leadership Development Workshop, 1997


Staffing for Technology

According John Kotter and James Heskett, two of the world’s foremost experts on business leadership, “Culture can have powerful consequences, especially when they are strong. They can enable a group to take rapid and coordinated action against a competitor or for a customer. They can also lead intelligent people to walk, in concert, off a cliff." 

Corporate Culture and Performance (New York: Free Press, 1992)


Healthy Individuals



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