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The best way to find out if you can benefit from coaching is to try it. I invite you to contact me by telephone 610-660-0218 or send me an e-mail at [email protected]. We will select a time to spend up to 45 minutes on the telephone at no charge. The purpose of this telephone call is to discuss your needs and to get a sense of whether we can work well together. If we agree that we should go forward, we will set-up a telephone assessment (Practice Diagnostic). We will then be able to begin scheduling coaching calls if we both still think there is a good match. If I am not the best match for you, I will offer to give you a referral to other qualified coaches.

After the initial complimentary coaching session, the next step would be to schedule a 55-minute telephone meeting, where we conduct a Practice Diagnostic that we will use to identify your goals, vision, and dreams.

Letís begin by talking on the phone first.

Most coaching relationships require a minimum 3-month commitment, with 2 to 4 regularly scheduled coaching sessions each month.

If we agree that we should go forward, we will set-up a telephone Practice Diagnostic. There is an initial charge of $250.00 for the Practice Diagnostic, but this expense will be waived if you decide that an ongoing coaching relationship will be beneficial. We will then be able to begin scheduling coaching calls. If I am not the best match, an appropriate referral will be offered to you.

One-on-One Coaching

A minimum of three-month commitment of time is needed to establish a viable coaching relationship. This includes two to four 45-60 minute telephone sessions per month as well as additional e-mail and telephone support as required. Fees are paid monthly in advance. The average coaching relationship lasts between three to six months depending on clientís goals. Monthly charges range from a minimum of $1000.00 per month to $1,800.00 per month. All coaching services are 100% guaranteed.

Consulting Services

Fees for on-site consulting services are based on a daily rate of $2,000 per day plus travel and accommodations. For law firm retreats, each additional day is billed at $1,500. Initial meetings with managing partners and planning groups are billed on an hourly basis ($250.00), with expenses being paid by the client.

You are the one who is driving this relationship and making all decisions. As your coach, I will assist you in developing clearly stated, realistic objectives, mechanisms for measuring progress, and real-world strategic goals for yourself and your organization. I will give practical advice, drawing from my training and 25 years of experience in working with attorneys as a practice advisor.

In addition to regularly scheduled telephone meetings, we communicate by e-mail and brief phone calls (laser coaching) as needed to address questions and celebrate achievements along the way.

Tell me more about the telephone meetings...


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