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Why Use the Telephone for Coaching?

It is the most convenient and cost efficient way to meet with busy executives. You may have to take this on faith or talk to others who have worked with a coach on the phone and see what they say. I am reasonably sure you will find:

  1. Itís effective! Coaching is about deep listening and hearing. The phone is an excellent way to carve private time out of busy work schedules. Communications between two individuals can be greatly enhanced in this way.
  2. Itís convenient! Travel time is eliminated because, you can be where you are, and I can be where I am (live life on your terms and keep the costs down while getting the desired result at your pace).
  3. Itís comfortable! Choose your own surroundings. Pick a place in your home or office, day or night where you can relax and focus.
  4. Itís flexible and works on your schedule! Early morning and late night appointments are available.

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